Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lake Placid

So...I am the second poster for this blog.  I could be considered the polar opposite of my dear friend when it comes to running. Where she is fast (Boston fast!), I am...a bit slower.  Where she enjoys a long run I have to trick myself into it.  In fact I have many tricks I play on myself to get through my long runs.  Where she enjoys a hill here and there, I avoid them like the plague.  Which is one of the reasons I will not be participating in the Lake Placid Marathon...those hills are more like mountains, seriously.  I would whine the whole time so I figured I would save her the misery.  Though I will be participating in the next adventure; Tough Mudder! But, before we begin sharing that training process I would like to wish my friend good luck on this weekend's athletic endeavor.  May your feet be swift, and the weather perfect, may your chocolate GU not leak in your pants (imagine what that would look like!) and your glide keep you chafe free and finally if you must make an emergency pit stop, avoid the leaves of three!

¡Buena Suerte!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Right now I'm training for the Lake Placid Marathon on June 10th. I ran 18 miles yesterday! I think I am at my best emotionally, mentally, and physically when I am training for marathons. Something about those long runs...

It's my 5th marathon, but the exciting part is that I am running it with my sister and it's her 1st. It's great training with a friend. I highly recommend it! "2 girls on the run" is much better than 1! AT LAST, someone to talk "running" with! Mileage, routes, hydration, CamelBaks, "GU" consumption, sore muscles... All the "exciting" stuff no one else cares about but that I spend hours thinking about!

By the way, I'm really proud of my sister. She's a new mom who, despite the time involved in doing an amazing job (along with her loving husband) of raising her daughter, decided to just go for it, to run a marathon. Before these past few months she had not run more that 6 miles at a time and now she is up to 16. We found ourselves giggling about her reference to her 8 mile run yesterday as an "easy jog." Four months ago 8 miles was a goal to be reached.

There are many people who have said to me "I could never run a marathon." I think what most really means is "You're crazy! I have no interest in something so ridiculous!" But to those who have an interest I say...stop thinking about it and go for it! There is a way!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Running is a central part of my life. My plan is to run across the country. But there are many steps along the way. I think this blog, for me, will be a lot about that journey.

The idea hatched through many a conversation with my amazing friend and fellow 2 girls on the run blogger. We have some very important things in common.  We are both Spanish teachers who love to watch Spanish language movies (that's a rare quality among the people I know), love to travel, and, of course, running plays a large part in both of our lives. We also share family ties to a not too well known (in these parts) city in central Pennsylvania, which made us certain that we were destined to meet. The city is Altoona. Ever heard of it? I was born there.

Now I don't know for sure how this whole cross country run thing is going to work out, but what I do know is that we thought it would be fun and interesting (to us, anyway...and hopefully to some other people) to share some of our experiences along the way.

Thanks for reading!